Army of Happy

Artists. Attitude. Apparel.


Army of Happy in a Bombshell

An army of like minded artists that strive for an optimistic state of being. You have the power to help others, to be creative, to show compassion. Make it a part of your daily life and you can train your brain to be happier. Always share your art and give back when you can. This is about the group and not the individual, collaborate as much as possible. We are amassing an Army, will you join the movement?

Our Apparel

Our apparel is a medium for our art and a way for you to support the movement. We collaborate with the artist from beginning to end to create well made products, accessories and works of art. Representing the good vibe and showing off the artist’s work at the same time. Our artist’s products range from t-shirts, hats, photos, and even skate decks. There really isn’t any medium we aren’t willing to let our artists showcase as long as it conveys the positive message we are trying to spread.

Artists Helping and Helping Artists

With the help of other artists we’ll share work, assemble premium products and contribute to a positive movement. With our collaborations we help other artists gain exposure. As artists we feel that it is important that we give back to our community. Every item sold will include a percentage given to A.R.T.S., a San Diego based charity that mentors kids in arts and music.

Our Artists Attitude

Working with others can also bring about good attitude adjustments. By giving back to the world and community with your time and effort you can positively alter someone’s day and yours. Even something as simple as a smile can trigger people’s brains in a positive way. That is our main goal: Our artists artwork will, at the very least, put a smile on your face. And hopefully inspire you to create your own artwork and become part of the Army of Happy.