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Actionable practices to cultivate resilience.

Actionable practices to cultivate resilience.

Cultivating resilience can not only be a personal journey but a shared experience that touches the lives of those around us. Recently enlisted as a caregiver to my own mother, I understand firsthand the importance of resilience in navigating challenges. With this perspective in mind, here are some insights.

Positive Thinking: Foster optimism while focusing on finding solutions. You're attitude determines you're altitude.

Practice Self-Compassion: It's essential to be kind to ourselves during challenging times. Acknowledging our efforts and the efforts of those around us. Allowing time for exercise or other self-care tactics like reading a book are essential.

Seek Support: We lean on our family and friends, social workers, nurses, and therapists for encouragement, guidance, and perspective. Knowing that we are not alone in this journey helps us thrive.

Adaptability: We embrace change and remain flexible in our approach, adjusting to new circumstances with grace. "Be like water." - Bruce Lee.

Practice Mindfulness: We try to stay present in the moment, focus on the things we are grateful for and cherishing the time we have together.

Laughing Out Loud: A game, a stand up comedy special, a movie, wherever you can find a laugh, it helps. We cannot count the number of times we have laughed ourselves silly. It is truly the best medicine.

Self Awareness: There have been times when tempers are lost or fatigue gets the best of us. Quickly acknowledging these moments and being self aware can help diffuse them.

By arming yourself with these practices, you'll not only build resilience for yourself but also strengthen the bond with those you care for, fostering a sense of connection that carries you through these challenging times.

Wishing you resilience, strength, and courage on your journey ahead.

Mom and I heading to the NC Symphony for "LET'S GROOVE TONIGHT: Motown Meets the Philly Sound". We danced in the aisles! Mom says "Hi". 

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