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In our hectic lives, self-care can often take a backseat. My situation as a care giver for my mother makes me realize how crucial it truly is. Here are some things I've noticed when I make myself priority.

Recharge: Self-care rejuvenates you, boosting energy levels and leaving you refreshed. Go for a massage, you deserve it.

Resilience: It builds resilience, helping you cope better with stress and challenges. We all get grumpy when we're tired. Take a nap Oscar, for everyone's sake.

Relationships: When you're happy, you can nurture deeper connections with others.

Productivity: Self-care enhances focus and productivity in all areas of life.

Make self-care a priority. Go for a hike, eat at your favorite restaurant, or take time to meditate. Find what recharges you and make time for it daily.

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